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Raising the {CHOCOLATE} Bar

All of our ingredients are vegan, organic, and minimally processed. We use coconut sugar to sweeten all of our chocolate treats, too, so nearly everyone can enjoy!  So browse our site and explore our selection of organic, dairy free, raw and vegan chocolates!


Zimt products are USDA Certified Organic


Zimt products are made to Canadian Organic Standards and independently monitored


1% of All sales are donated to organizations that help some of our earth’s most neglected animals


Zimt products are Verified Vegan by the Vegan Society

Zimt Artisan Chocolates

Welcome to Zimt — I’m glad you found us!

If you are looking for some really tasty treats that go beyond making your tastebuds happy, you have come to the right place. We’ve got ethical deliciousness here for you.

Thank you so much for supporting what we do. The Zimt team is looking forward to bringing you more and more as we keep going.

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Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt

What colour of salt do we use? Pink! The trace vitamins and minerals that make up part of the Himalayan Salt cause this.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Did you know that all flavour extracts are made by submerging the desired flavour source (for example, peppermint leaves) into hard alcohol? At Zimt, we prefer essential oils. Either through water distillation or through simply pressing out the oils from plants, essential oils are kept as unadulterated as possible. 

Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar

We’re pretty sweet on coconut sugar. It is the world’s most sustainable sweetener, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FOA). Coconut sugar also has trace amounts of zinc, iron, and potassium. You still should eat your fruits and veggies, but isn’t it nice to know that there’s a sugar that isn’t all bad?

Navy Beans

Navy Beans

If we hadn’t told you, you wouldn’t have known that they are the chief ingredient in our Cookie Dough Cups! Navy beans are a great source of fibre, protein, and manganese. Cookie dough doesn’t have to be bad to taste this good!

Certified Organic

At Zimt, we take the method of least harm.


We use only organic ingredients in all our products because we want to only use ingredients that promote sustainable agriculture and we value the humans who grow and process our ingredients.

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